domingo, 5 de maio de 2013

meijo's joy: DIY - Bias Tape Maker

meijo's joy: DIY - Bias Tape Maker: Hi!  This post is to share my recent discovery when I came across a bias tape maker in Susie Can Stitch .  I''m still learning to se...

a common craft cutting blade..
Prepare some fabric straps... you should cut yours in bias grain for actual bias tape!
(Mine are just normal fabric scrap...not a bias grain one..
This post is mean to demo how the cutter case works as a bias tape maker)
Remove the end of the cutting blade

Remove the blade inside as well
Fold your fabric strap whichever way you want to bias tape to be... 
Insert the strap into the blade casing

A needle to push it will be helpful
Pull the strap from the tip...
Here comes the bias tape!!!
Use the thinner casing just the same way to product thinner bias tape
Easy Peasy...Quick! 
 Firm the shape with a hair straightener
What do you think?
Will you try this?
Let me know if this is useful!

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